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Next Generation Traffic

With a wide array of services available on the market today in terms of traffic management. Six Days Company has chosen a more comprehensive approach to traffic management. Redefining the concept of traffic management and modeling were at the basis of this approach. The usage of smart modeling based systems, HD mapping, VMS software, smart traffic lights, ANPR, LPR and much more; has truly allowed Six Days Company to flourish in the arsenal at its disposal when it comes to traffic management.



Parking for Future Drivers

A Six Days Company team member has been in the parking industry for over 10 years; which has given Six Days the extra edge in tackling this market. Parking management software, event parking modeling, fleet management, Valet Parking software, Parking Guidance Systems, Parking Management Systems and much more, are only a few of the services and products that Six Days Company provides in the Parking Management Field.

Truck Car Park


Future of Analytics

Six Days Company has always been interested in the future of analytics and what it means to the tech world. Therefore, Six Days Company has partnered up with a few well known local data engineers and has come up with a plan to data-mine the traffic and vehicle data that is collected through its traffic management and parking management services.