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Our story

What started as a small idea, became a reality through technology. The Founders of Six Days Company have always sought to find more efficient ways to conduct everyday tasks. For Example, what if there was a better way to communicate with neighbors and landlords via a unified program. Thus, the inception of Six Days' first project, La Terrazza Compound. The introduction of a unified system that catered to residents of the compound via one platform.

The Residents of La Terrazza Compound were given a service that was unprecedented in the Compound management market in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Once the La Terrazza system was launched; orders for the system started coming in. Although, that was not the only tech opportunity the founders stumbled upon. They started looking into the tech world when it comes to transporting people; whether via cars or public transport, the tech world has much to offer. Therefore, Six Days Company looked at the opportunities to enter that market by affiliating with many experienced companies in the world of Transportation. Moreover, the restaurant business has always been on the company's radar, as both founders have always wondered if it can be done in a more efficient way. 

The company began its involvement in the restaurant business by teaming up with the prestigious AHK Group. Owners of world-renowned restaurants and cafes the owner approached Six Days Company to find new ways for enhancement of their current offerings in terms of customer service. Six Days went right away looking for solutions that were procured for the restaurant and had great customer feedback.